The 10 Coldest Places On Earth – The Top Cool Places In The World That Will Give You A Chill

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Here is a list of the top 10 coldest places on earth. They are not the most popular holiday destinations due to their extreme cold. Get ready to hunker down with a blanket if you are planning a visit - they hold the record for the coldest temperatures ever recorded.

10) Prospect Creek, Alaska -62.1°C/-79.8°F

prospect creek alaska

Originally built to house workers on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the village is now virtually deserted. Some of the coldest winter temperatures were observed in the United States as recently as 1971, when a chilly -62.1°C/-79.8°F was recorded.

9) Snag, Yukon Canada -63°C/-81°F

snag yukon territory canada

The small village of Snag in the Yukon area of northwest Canada was first settled during the Klondike Gold Rush. The village was used as an emergency landing strip during the second world war and later as a weather station, where temperatures as low as -62.8°C/-81°F were recorded. Another town 180 km/112 mi northeast of Snag, Fort Selkirk, claimed an even lower temperature of −65.0 °C/−85.0 °F, but the claim could not be confirmed.

8) Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia -64.4°C/-83.9°F

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Yakutsk is located on permafrost and is one of the coldest cities on Earth. The winters are long and harsh and the average annual temperature is -8.0 °C /17.6 °F despite the warm summers in the region. In 1891, temperatures dropped to -64.4°C/-83.9°F. The local Lena River freezes over so solidly that it serves as an extra road during winter

7) North Ice, Greenland -66.1°C/-87°F

north ice greenland

With a name as cold as the place itself, it is no wonder that The North Ice research station, set up during the 1950s, held the record low temperature in Greenland for a long time. In 1954, the temperature plunged to -66.1°C/-87°F. It held this record until it was bested by a whopping -69,6°C/-93.3°F recorded temperature at another weather station in Greenland.

6) Oymyakon, Siberia, Russia (-67.7°C/-89.9°F)

oymyakon siberia russia

Oymyakon has an extreme subarctic climate making it the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth. It is one of only two towns found in the Arctic Circle’s Northern Pole of Cold. In 1933, it recorded its lowest official temperature of -67.7°C/-89.9°F but it has an unofficial temperature reading from 1924 of -71,2°C/-96.2°F. Oymakon's population is approximately 500 people who are so used to these temperatures that schools are only closed at -55°C/-67°F.

5) Klinck Weather Station, Greenland -69.6°C/-93.3°F

klinck station greenland

The record for the coldest place in the Arctic Circle belongs to a weather station in Greenland known as Klinck weather. This weather station is found in central Greenland at the highest point of the ice sheet and reached a low of -69.6°C in December of 1991. Typical daily maximum temperatures are around −35 °C/−31 °F in winter and −10 °C/14 °F in summer.

4) Denali, Alaska, United States of America (-73°C/-100°F)

denali alaska

Denali, previously known as Mount McKinley, is the highest North American mountain peak. It has a terrible track record of being a treacherous mountain peak that only allows 50 % of the people who attempt to climb it to reach the top. A weather station at Denali has recorded a low of -73°C/-100°F, but wind chills have been as low as -83.4°C/-118.,1°F. These are the coldest recorded temperatures outside of Antarctica.

3) Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica -82.8°C/-117°F

amundsen scott station antarctica

The Amundsen-Scott Station is a weather station located at the South Pole, so it is no wonder that it is on this list. Built in 1956, it receives six months of constant sunlight in summer and six months of total darkness in winter. The highest ever recorded temperature in this region of the Antarctic Plateau was a nice crisp summery -12.3°C/9.9°F. The coldest recorded temperature of -82.8°C/-117°F was a measurement made in 1982.

2) Vostok Station Antarctica -89.2°C/-128.6°F

vostok station antarctica

Vostok Station is a Russian weather station situated at the Southern Pole of Cold, which is a part of the southern hemisphere with the lowest-ever surface temperatures. This area is one of the driest places on Earth receiving about 20mm of snow per year, making it a very hostile environment to survive in. In 1983 the lowest ever directly recorded temperature was recorded here at an astounding -89.2°C/-128.6°F.

1) Eastern Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica -94°C/-137.2°F

eastern antarctic plateau antarctica

The Eastern Antarctic Plateau is our winner for the coolest place on Earth. Satellite data collected over an area the size of Australia from what is known as Dome Argus and Dome Fuji, reveal a killer temperature of -94°C/137.2°F. Even though this would be the coldest temperature on Earth, some scientists speculate that the actual temperature could be lower. This is because the air is also extremely dry in this area.


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