The grafitti street art scene in Lünen… Where the heck is Lünen?

Graffiti Lunen Germany

We were fortunate to have networked with great graffiti artists while we were in Berlin which led us to a small city called Lünen in Germany. In Lünen we found a strong graffiti network, with many graffiti artists painting as a group on canvases given to them by a very generous building owner who himself used to be a graffiti artist and does what he can to inspire and promote graffiti as an artwork, but legally.

We also came across a lot of high-quality graffiti in the city of Lünen, some of which was commissioned art such as the artwork done by a company known as Lackaffen which literally translated means paint monkeys. There is a company called Aurubis in Lünen that had commissioned some artwork outside of their factory as well as some amazing artwork inside their factory. The quality of this graffiti was beyond words and if you can, I recommend seeing some of their graffiti mastery. Here is a map indicating the locations of some of Lackaffen’s artwork, although we notice that some of the spectacular artwork they do is not listed for some reason.

We also found some amazing artwork under a bridge near the library in Lünen and on several street corners there were illegal graffiti works that although of very high quality, this illegal graffiti will most likely be removed by the city eventually. The artwork under the bridge was commissioned and is also of a high quality. All in all, the quality of street art in Lünen set a very high standard.

For us the most interesting thing that came out of this part of our journey into graffiti was that being a graffiti artist can be a full-time career as Lackaffen are looking for employees. If I was about twenty years younger, I certainly would consider this as a full-time job because it is very rewarding, inspiring motivating and certainly satisfying to express yourself in this way. All you need is to learn the skills.

If you would like to find out more about graffiti, you can check out our blog posts about it in Hamburg and Berlin. We are also planning a trip to Paris soon to check out the graffiti scene there.



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