Hamburg: a forward looking city for the artist seeking a different inspiration

Hamburg has a strong history of accepting and embracing the alternative, less traditional ideas and lifestyles. That is why they have the famous so-called Reeperbahn which is basically the Hamburg version of the red-light district. We recommend doing a tour through this district of Hamburg to gain an understanding and appreciation of Hamburg's diversity and acceptance and celebration of the so-called alternative lifestyle. Such a tour also adds insights into the artistic mindsets and culture of the many artists that reside and express their creativity in Hamburg.

We however were there for graffiti which took us away from the Reeperbahn a little and into a district of Hamburg known as the Schanzen district. All the tours of this district were fully booked out, so we did a little self-walk of the Schanzen district and it did not disappoint. The quality of the graffiti was amazing, I think Leonardi Da Vinci himself would have been inspired and moved by the graffiti in this district of Hamburg.

Although we did not get the time to do it on this trip, I would recommend, especially if you are in a group to try a graffiti tour where you can actually express yourself by doing graffiti. There is something indescribably amazing about expressing yourself through graffiti that I recommend for every person to try, regardless of whether you think you are an artist or not.

The local artists that we met in Hamburg also explained how undervalued and misunderstood their art often was. But it was clear to them and to us that the city of Hamburg was protecting them more than the graffiti artists of Berlin that we wrote about in one of our other posts.

We as artists, love graffiti and not only do we recommend any person to experience the power of expression that comes from graffiti art, but we also hope that the governments and people of the world will promote this artform further. We are busy planning a trip to Paris, France to experience the graffiti artform there as every time we connect with graffiti we are so deeply moved and inspired that our art even on other mediums becomes richer and more expressive. Long live graffiti!!



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